Is public relations for you?

If you are in business, the answer is almost assuredly, Yes. We live in an ever-increasing information age. If your company is not engaged in getting out information about itself, in all communications mediums available, it is at a competitive disadvantage. You will lose out on business and that means lost money.

What we do

At The Thomson Group, our primary strength and value is telling your company’s story across all mediums to maximize your company’s exposure.


30 years experience

Rod Thomson has 30 years of journalism experience in daily newspapers, weekly business publications, local and national magazines, and online news sites.


Compelling Copy

With two books and literally thousands of articles published, Rod Thomson knows how to write. He knows the angles and leads that will catch the eye of a journalist and give a business a good shot at some positive public exposure. He’s a pro and your company’s copy will reflect that.

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